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?The antitumor activity of the four metallocene compounds decaphenylstannocene [eta 5-(C6H5)5C5]2Sn(II), decabenzylstannocene [eta 5-(C6H5CH2)5C5]2Sn(II), decaphenylgermanocene [eta 5-(C6H5)5C5]2Ge(II), and decabenzylgermanocene [eta 5-(C6H5CH2)5C5]2Ge(II), containing the main group IV elements tin or germanium as the central metal atom and two pentasubstituted cyclopentadienyl ring ligands in sandwich arrangement, were tested against Ehrlich ascites tumor in female CF1 mice. The complexes caused cure rates of 40% to 90% of the animals treated over rather broad dose ranges. With both germanocene complexes, no strong dose-activity relationship was manifest. The toxicity of all Nike Shoes Australia Melbourne four metallocenes was low, the LD10 values of both stannocenes being 460 and 500 mg/kg, and those of both germanocenes higher than 700 mg/kg. Regarding the isolated pentasubstituted cyclopentadiene ligands (C6H5)5C5H and (C6H5CH2)5C5H, these also exhibited antitumor activity Nike Shoes which was less pronounced than that of the metal-containing sandwich complexes. Decasubstituted stannocene and germanocene compounds represent a new type of non-platinum group metal antitumor agents structurally differing from known inorganic and organometallic cytostatics.

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