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?In this study the levels of lead, arsenic, cadmium and mercury were measured by Cheap Hermes Belt Uk the method of graphite-furnace atomic absorption spectrophotometry in paired maternal and fetal cord blood (n = 168) collected from three cities in Taiwan, (Kaohsiung, Taipei and Keelung). The mean values of those Replica Gucci Belts heavy metals were within normal limits. There was no difference in levels by maternal parity or fetal sex. The mean value for the level of lead in maternal blood was 64.8 micrograms/L, and 40.9 micrograms/L for the umbilical-cord blood; comparing the three locations by ANOVA analysis, there was no difference in maternal or fetal blood levels. Mean maternal As concentrations (6.8 +/- 0.58 micrograms/L) and umbilical cord blood levels (7.9 +/- 0.67 micrograms/L) were within reference levels. The mean Cd concentrations in maternal blood were (1.30 micrograms/L) significantly higher than that of the umbilical-cord blood concentrations (0.78 micrograms/L). The maternal Cd concentrations (1.62 micrograms/L) of Kaohsiung were significantly higher than that (1.24 micrograms/L) of Taipei. The fetal Cd concentrations of Kaohsiung (1.04 micrograms/L) were also significantly higher than those (0.7 micrograms/L, 0.6 micrograms/L) of Taipei and Keelung. The mean umbilical-cord blood Hg concentration (28.8 micrograms/L) was higher than that (19.4 micrograms/L) of maternal blood. The maternal Hg concentrations of Taipei were significantly higher than those of Keelung. The fetal Hg concentrations (28.8 micrograms/L) of Taipei were also marginally higher than that of Keelung and Kaohsiung.

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