Dar Al Fouad Hospital
Dar Al Fouad Hospital

The Intensive Care Department is one of the key pillars of Dar Al Fouad Hospital since its inauguration in 1998. This department encompasses two main units the Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU) and Medical Intensive Care Units (MICU).

SICU hosts major surgical patients such as those after open heart surgery, liver transplantation surgery (the first unit in Egypt), and major vascular, general and urological surgeries. Together with major surgeries this unit also admits patients with major head trauma or multiple traumas.

MICU patients are those with system failures or impairment such as liver cell failure, renal failure and respiratory failure.

Both units have 24 hours physician coverage as well as trained nurses whose sole concern is for their patients' health and well-being. Both units have full monitoring capabilities including monitoring of cardiac output, as well as state of the art mechanical ventilation, hemodialysis and infection control practices.

The ultimate aim is to provide international standards of patient care to our critically ill patients and thus there is always a plan for transfer of updated practices, knowledge and equipment through continuous educational activities, attending conferences and workshops.

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